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SCAD Buses Within the Neighborhood

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 10:52 AM | DNA ADMIN Communications (Administrator)

Update from Interim President, Melinda Allen

SCAD Buses Within the Neighborhood

On behalf of the Downtown Neighborhood Association, I attended a meeting last Friday at City Hall concerning the new SCAD buses that have been the cause of concern among many neighbors. It is important to note that we are all neighbors, including SCAD, of the Landmark historic district, and I do believe we all intend the best for Savannah. It is my responsibility to the DNA to act on behalf of its members in a reasonable, logical manner as an issue relates to protecting residential life. Part of this means listening to what SCAD had to say. Also, please note that according to the city, the buses and their routes are completely legal, and since they are operating under private ownership of a school, do not have to follow motor coach regulations.

The reason for the meeting, and the concerns that were emailed/spoken to me were the following:

  • Size and turning radius
  • Sheer number of buses in operation vs ridership
  • Not following traffic laws/proper safety measures/stopping guidelines

ALL OF THESE ISSUES WERE ADDRESSED and are currently in SCAD's court. They had no idea what to expect, and they now have to get their data together before we can look at what is working and not and move forward with solutions.

One important statement from SCAD, was that if at any time you witness a bus not following ANY kind of traffic law, please call SCAD, email John Buckovich, report it to parking/mobility, or call the police if necessary. It is in their obvious best interest for these vehicles to operate with the utmost care.

The city traffic engineer was in attendance and will be looking into the layering of the SCAD routes on the motor coach and CAT routes currently in effect.

Parking and mobility requested that the student stops be clearly marked, and that they cannot stop in a non-loading zone (the middle of the street).

I agree that the Landmark Historic District is in great need of preservation and careful consideration when adding any additional stressors to the infrastructure. I feel that the topic would be best explored by asking the CITY to create a committee of its best engineers to research infrastructure sustainability, and if recommended, create additional guidelines in the form of laws and ordinances to protect the roads and buildings.

This issue is separate from the immediate bus issue and not the direct responsibility of SCAD.
I will provide updates as more information becomes available.

Please, do not hesitate to e-mail me with concerns regarding this issue. Anything to be formally shared must be sent to me via e-mail rather than copied/pasted from discussion forums such as

-- Melinda Allen
Interim President, DNA



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