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DNA Public Safety Forum Recap

Thursday, March 24, 2016 8:22 AM | DNA ADMIN Communications (Administrator)

The Downtown Neighborhood Association's Public Safety Committee would like to thank the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department, along with SCAD Security for participating in our Public Safety Forum on March 23, 2016. It was a unique opportunity for the membership and the general public to meet and hear our police force and security personal give us an update on the progress and future of Downtown's safety.

In addition to the wonderful presentation by Police Chief Lumpkin, and members of the police department, we were honored to have the candidates for Chatham County Sheriff, including Sheriff Roy Harris and John Wilcher explain why they were the person for the job.

Mayor, Eddie DeLoach and our 2nd District Alderman Bill Durrence also took the opportunity to update us on the status of the parking study that is now going on and will have profound effects on our street utilization in the future.

Prior to these presentations, the DNA membership was given an extensive opportunity to meet and greet all of our speakers and get a first hand update on what is going directly on a one on one basis with our elected officials and police personnel.

While due to some time constraints, we didn't have a chance to cover the hard work being done by the police to deter aggressive panhandling, we were given a quick briefing on the activity to stop package theft from our doorsteps!

All in all, it was just another display of the effort that the DNA is making to address and inform it's membership and nudge our police and elected officials to better serve the needs of the downtown citizens.

For questions about DNA's Public Safety initiatives, contact Barry Gale.





Notes from the Speakers:

John Buckovich, Director of SCAD Public Safety and Security:

  • Leveraging technology to make campus safer (Livesafe app).
  • Students able to send info, photos, video, etc. through the app. SCAD has over 600 cameras at Savannah campus. Plans to increase during summer 2016. Going out to provide another layer of security outer part of campus.
  • Went from static model to patrol based security model. Increased number of patrol officers, they are in pedestrian corridors. Working with Chief to determine how we can communicate directly with the SCMPD to help supplement the police dept.

Email John Buckovich anytime:

  • DNA Pres + Buckovich meet regularly to discuss residential impact issues.

SCMPD Chief of Police Jack Lumpkin:

  • We’re working through getting our communication going with SCAD.
  • We can create an infrastructure where we can communicate with everyone.
  • We have more cameras in the downtown area than we do everywhere else in the city. We are working for a way to pull private cameras in with permission. We have appointed an active sergeant to head up this initiative.
  • In the downtown neighborhood, crimes are happening late evening early morning hours coming back from entertainment zones.
  • We appreciate SCAD expanding their reach outside of campus buildings.
  • We want to make every neighborhood safer. It drills down to beats, specific blocks. DT is a lot safer than other neighborhoods. We want to make it even safer.
  • If we’re realistic:  Shared responsibility of citizens and police. (Demographics) The lower the income, the high unemployment rate – the more dangerous.
  • We don’t have the same infrastructure in other neighborhoods. We’re going to expand fiber optics community-wide.
  • Push to talk radios for any entities like SCAD, tour vehicles, etc.
  • Bicycle patrol
  • We all are human; we’ve had forced overtime for more than  a year downtown for the officers. We want to get enough staff so we’ll have enough staff.
  • We’re within 2 positions at being at full staff.  You have to hire them when we can get them.
  • We’ve got to do something different about POLICE district 3 and the “state” streets. 

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