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Sheriff Forms Citizen Advisory Council Sheriff Forms Citizen Advisory Council

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 8:22 AM | DNA ADMIN Communications (Administrator)

By Bud Rosser | DNA Neighborhood and Community Outreach Chair

The most popular topics in general discussion with our DNA members are tourism, development, and public safety.  All significantly impact our quality of life as downtown residents.  The focus on public safety usually targets successes and failures of the SCMPD and the courts.  Rarely do we consider the Chatham County Sheriff’s Department and its major responsibilities and contributions to public safety.   As a member of the newly-created CCSO Citizens Advisory Committee, one of my tasks is to “…provide the Sheriff’s Office a forum for law enforcement community interaction and to address public safety matters and issues as they relate to operations of the Sheriff’s Office.”

As a beginning effort, I encourage you to visit the website and click on each tab at the top.  You will be surprised, I assure you.  Of course they run the jail (remember, the City has no jail) and they are the “paper hangers” that serve warrants.  You do realize that all those warrants are not just civil?  All criminal warrants are also served by the CCSO, to include arrest warrants, drug warrants and such, placing these officers directly in harm’s way and getting potential criminals literally off the streets.

Did you know that under the Georgia Constitution, the Sheriff is the senior law enforcement officer for the County?  He is in charge when disasters happen.  All other law enforcement personnel report to him. 

As you visit the above-referenced website you will also note that the sheriff has a major K-9 unit and trains other departments’ K-9 units.  The CCSO establishes and maintains the Sex Offender Registry (SORT).  The CCSO is responsible for the safety of judges and all personnel in the Chatham County courthouses. 

As one member of the ten-member committee I am charged with getting input from citizens about all phases of the CCSO’s operations, so please feel free to contact me in that regard.  I will provide regular feedback to DNA members as well. 

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