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Creating Community in Downtown Savannah

Resident Awards

Each year the DNA recognizes residents who make outstanding contributions in three categories: public service to the community, volunteerism at its highest level, and beautification of our neighborhood.

Highlights Gallery

The DNA provides opportunities for its members to socialize and connect with their neighbors. Community is the theme for this page and the DNA which wouldn’t be successful without community connections.

Community Grant

The DNA awards grants to community organizations that have an impact on the greater downtown area, particularly those that help or enrich the residential quality of life. 

2024 DNA Awards to Residents

Nominations are made by the membership for these awards, and the Board of Directors is grateful for their suggestions. Congratulations to this year's recipients!


The Robert "Bob" McAlister Public Service Award

Recipients:  The Debreceny Family - Anthony, Rebecca and Gracie

Bob McAlister was the epitome of public service so our standards are very high for the award. We knew exactly who deserved this prestigious honor.

The Debreceny family works behind the scenes, supporting us and our causes. They don’t ask for recognition; they just continue to come to our aid when we ask. In fact they give us more than we ask for—because they have generous souls and believe in public service. This is the perfect description of the Debreceny family.

Whether it’s supporting a fundraiser for Ukraine, lunches for first responders and city workers, an African Children’s Choir, garden club fundraiser, or a salute to community volunteers like tonight... the Debreceny family is there. The community knows it can count on them to help.


The Hank Reed DNA Volunteer of the Year Award

Ret. Colonel Hank Reed is a former DNA President who stands as our lasting example of what it means to serve a community.


Recipient: Rhonda Pulte

Rhonda was an indispensable member of the 2023 Holiday Tour of Homes Committee, serving in multiple roles. Without her support the event would not have been nearly as successful.

Rhonda’s contributions to the DNA and the community are numerous. Rhonda assists the Ward Captain Chair with multiple events throughout the year. She also supports her neighborhood: she helps elderly neighbors with their daily needs, resolves parking and other problems in the neighborhood, serving as a leader on issues large and small. Probably her favorite activity is volunteering with the local Humane Society.


The William "Bill" Stuebe Tree Lawn Award

Bill Stuebe was a former DNA President and Board member crusader for landscape beauty in the historic district for many years.

Recipients: Darcy & Liam O’Connor, Nancy Baker & Scott Epskamp, Scott Cohen, Melissa & Robert Becker, and Linda & Matt Fryer

This award is for a collaboration as much as it for artistic gardening:

As you walk down Habersham Street between E. Harris and Liberty Lane, you will pass a row of five homes which have been carefully and colorfully landscaped. The gardeners of this space have created perfectly manicured window boxes and a beautiful tree lawn. And they have done it in neighborly coordination. They say they have inspired each other.


Community Highlights

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