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Downtown residents are champions for the Historic District

September 7, 2022

I am writing in response to the letter to the editor published on Aug.31 and

headlined 'Historic District needs new champions.' In answer to the writer’s

question, the Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) is one voice that

speaks for the residents of the Historic District.

As examples of that voice working, the DNA pushed the city to enact the

following ordinances: establishment of caps on the number of short-term

vacation rentals (STVR) in each ward; creation of the hotel overlay limiting the

building of large hotels in the downtown and residential area; stopping the

establishment of unmanaged Inns to circumvent STVR caps; and placement

of limits on where and when tour groups and quadricycles can operate.

Each of these ordinances were initiated by the DNA. Additionally, the DNA

fought against the establishment of double-decker tour buses and the

building of a cruise ship terminal.

Currently, the DNA is advocating for the establishment of an ordinance

limiting the building of large accessory dwelling units in lanes. Our members,

who are residents of the Historic District, do not want large buildings or

additional STVRs in the lanes. The DNA consistently advocates for the

adherence to the Oglethorpe Plan. We have board members dedicated to

zoning issues as well as quality of life issues that affect the Historic District.

We agree that the strength of Savannah is its homeowners. Our homes are

what bring the tourists and film industry to Savannah.

The DNA fights to protect our quality of life using the force of our members

to ensure our voice is heard.

David B. McDonald, president

Savannah Downtown Neighborhood Association


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