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Participate in square gatherings

The unique charm of our Historic Landmark District, distinguishing it from any other urban area in the USA, lies in General Oglethorpe's visionary city plan. This plan strategically placed squares at regular intervals throughout the city, fostering the development of wards centered around these communal spaces. These squares have historically been the heart of micro-communities, serving as vital hubs where neighbors gathered to share news and engage in face-to-face communication, an essential feature in an era without modern technology or the internet. This urban design not only facilitated local communication but also connected the community with city leadership.

Today, the Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) continues to embrace this organizational structure. Our Ward Captains play a crucial role in nurturing these communal bonds by organizing regular gatherings in each square. These events are more than just social occasions; they're vital for exchanging information specific to each neighborhood. These gatherings effectively bridge the gap in keeping residents informed about issues relevant to their immediate surroundings.

In a playful nod to the modern era, one might suggest that tech giants could learn a thing or two from General Oglethorpe. His foresight in creating these communal spaces could be seen as an early precursor to today's social media, connecting people long before the digital age.

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