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Public Safety Tips

  • Always travel in groups when you're out late at night.

  • Keep your phone easily accessible but out of sight (in a pocket rather than a purse or bag).

  • Park and walk in well-lit areas, never in dark or secluded spots.

  • Always be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activity.

  • Look around before exiting your car. Don't get out if you see someone or something that makes you feel unsafe. Be just as observant when returning to your car and always trust your gut.

  • Be careful with purses and wallets. Carry a purse close to your body and keep wallets in an inside pocket.

  • Be alert and aware. Make eye contact with individuals as you pass. Avoid texting and talking on the phone while walking because it can appear that your guard is down.

  • If a criminal confronts you for your belongings, cooperate. Your life is more valuable than replaceable possessions. Immediately report any incidents to the police.

Vehicle Safety

More than one million cars, new or old, are stolen each year nationwide. But there are many ways to cut down on the chance of being a victim: Always lock your car and take your keys with you. Never leave your car running without you, especially at a convenience store or in winter months when you want to warm it up. Don't hide spare car keys in your car. Always park in well-lit and busy areas. Be aware of your surroundings, especially at night. Before you get in, glance under your car, around it and in the back seat. Be careful to stow valuables out of sight. Don't leave GPS devices, laptops or valuable accessories like power cords or earphones in clear view. Consider an antitheft device. Auto alarms and bar locks are not foolproof, but typically discourage or delay a thief. Consider auto insurance that includes theft.

Bicycle Safety

Bicycle theft is common in downtown areas due to a thief's ease of access to bikes in public and the potential use of the bike for a quick getaway. The most practical solution to keep your bike safe is to bring it indoors if you can. When you are leaving your bike outside, use a U-lock between the frame and wheel rather than a lock that can be cut. If possible, don't leave your bike outside overnight.

Package Theft Prevention

Crimes of Opportunity often increase during the month of December when UPS/US Postal Service/FedEx deliveries are more frequent in residential areas. DNA encourages you to safeguard your deliveries with these Prevention Tips: Ask for a tracking number. Most major shipping companies offer this service at no charge. This number allows you to track your packages and notifies you when they will be delivered. Request a “Signature Delivery Option.” This requires a signature when the packages are delivered and ensures they are not left at the front door. Request a specific drop off time and date when you will be home to accept your packages. Arrange to have your packages held at the shipping service so you can pick them up. Ask the delivery service to leave your packages at a side or back door. An enclosed porch where packages are out of sight is also a good option. Have your packages delivered to your workplace. Have your packages delivered to the home of a relative or neighbor who will be there to accept them. Ask to have your packages delivered to a retail store so you can pick them up at your convenience. Ask a trustworthy neighbor to keep a “Watchful Eye” out for your packages. If they’re willing, ask them to safeguard your packages until you return home. Leave a note for the carrier instructing them where to leave your packages (Ex: backdoor). If your packages do not arrive as scheduled, contact the sender immediately. Call 911 if you observe suspicious activity.

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