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Gathering Evidence of Problems

From the President:

As many of you know, our membership meeting on March 21st focused on quality-of-life issues, particularly the overwhelming number of tours traveling through our community. Nancy Radke made an excellent presentation using data that she and her neighbors compiled showing the problem. Based on her presentation and your feedback, I along with Marysue McCarthy and Nancy met with Jay Melder, City Manager; Susan Broker, Senior Director, Special Events, Film, and Tourism; Cynthia Knight, Director of Code Compliance and other city officials this past week to begin a discussion of the issues.

We viewed this as a listening session--an opportunity for them to hear our concerns around the growth of tourism and how it is drastically affecting our quality of life. There is a follow-up meeting scheduled for April 28 with the full DNA Board to discuss how the city can better manage tourism.

I will continue to provide updates as the discussion progresses. If you encounter problems with loud tours, tours that are too large, or too many trolleys in your square at the same time, please notify the city through the 3-1-1 telephone number AND let the DNA know.

We have established this link so we can gather actual evidence of problem areas and activities. If you are able to take photos or video, please do so and include them as part of the complaint to both the 3-1-1 contact and the DNA. It is difficult to argue that the tour isn't too loud or large when the video shows the activity.

If you have an STVR near you that is noisy late at night, please call 9-1-1 and make a complaint. You can do so anonymously if preferred. In speaking with Ms. Knight (Director of Code Compliance), a police report is not necessary as the police dispatch to the address is sufficient for them to investigate the complaint. Many of you have been told that a police report is needed before anything can be done. That is not correct.

Also wanted to remind everyone that this Saturday, April 15th is the scheduled Keep Savannah Beautiful clean-up day. Hoping you will volunteer to help in cleaning up your respective wards.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week at our April meeting.

David McDonald


Downtown Neighborhood Association Savannah, GA Inc.

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