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President's Message - January 30, 2024

From the President:

You may have heard about the planned "Every Woman's Marathon" scheduled for November 16th that was announced last Tuesday by the City. The night before the scheduled announcement, Mayor Johnson scheduled a Zoom call with each of the city Neighborhood Associations to inform us of the plans for the race. The Mayor and City Manager reassured us that this race would be different than the Rock and Roll Marathon, which caused a great deal of disruption to our community. 

The organizers of this race, the same group that organized the first few Rock and Roll races, will be reaching out to residents and attempting to mitigate any concerns we may have. (The first Rock and Roll marathons were considered better organized than later ones.) I expect them to reach out to the DNA soon to talk about past race issues. I intend to offer the organizers the opportunity to attend one of our monthly meetings so they can hear directly from you as well.  I will provide updates on the race as we move forward with any discussions.

The Board hopes that each of you enjoys the mild weather this week.

David McDonald


Downtown Neighborhood Association Savannah, GA Inc

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