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Report Examines Nighttime Activities

From the President: Last week the city presented the completed Social Economy Report by the Responsible Hospitality Institute. This report examines nighttime activities and the social environment. For those of you who were unable to attend the meetings, the Board wanted to share the below information with you. One link is the video of the early meeting on July 13th, and the second link is to the final report.

For those interested in seeing the presentation please use this link: RHI Summit - 1PM Video For those interested in reading the final report, short or long version, please use this link: RHI Report - Brief and Full Reports Currently, these are only recommendations and have not been finalized. The next steps will be a briefing to members of the City Council who will make the final recommendations. As you review these reports, you will notice that they are very heavily weighted towards business and not residents. As the recommendations proceed to completion, the Board will continue to monitor and encourage the inclusion of residential quality-of-life issues and concerns. David McDonald President Downtown Neighborhood Association Savannah, GA Inc.

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