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The Genesis of the Problem: Savannah for Morons Trolley Tour

From the President:

The recent issue with the Savannah for Moron's Trolley Tour (see DNA email dated February 24) brought to light a bigger concern--the large number of tours of all kinds that traverse our community. To better understand the problem, members of the Washington and Warren Squares have been researching both the number of tours and tour companies and then comparing that number to other cities. The results of this study, to be shared at the March membership meeting, made it obvious how and why these tours affect the quality of life in our downtown community.

With this study in mind and the many complaints the Board has heard from members about quality-of-life issues, we decided to change our upcoming membership meeting agendas.

The presentation by the Georgia Ports Authority will be postponed until later this fall, and we will dedicate the March 21 meeting solely to a discussion of quality-of-life issues faced by all of us on a daily basis. The Board has invited Jay Melder, City Manager, and Susan Broker, Senior Director of Special Events, Film and Tourism to attend the meeting to hear our concerns. We have asked them not to present at the meeting but to listen only. The Board will then schedule a future meeting with them to see how we can mitigate the problems faced by residents.

The Board has also rescheduled the Historic Savannah Foundation to present at our April meeting.

For your planning purposes the next three meetings will be as follows:

March 21--Quality of life concerns

April 18--Presentation by Historic Savannah Foundation

May 16--Annual Picnic at Ships of the Sea, 41 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd

David McDonald


Downtown Neighborhood Association Savannah, GA Inc.

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