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Public Safety Update: Keep Savannah Safe

Dear Neighbors,

The Savannah Police Department (SPD) is deploying a new technology to assist with real-time criminal investigations and is asking for our assistance. The SPD would like residents with cameras that are focused on public spaces and streets, in front of their homes or in their lanes, to consider signing up and registering their addresses and cameras here.  (The SPD asks that residents not include cameras focused on private property.) This website alerts the SPD investigators that a resident has a camera that could assist them when a criminal event occurs nearby. 

With registered cameras, investigators, depending on what permissions the resident allows, can either access the camera directly or simply know who to contact for footage should there be a crime in the vicinity of the camera. An example of how this system benefits an investigation in real time is the Atlanta massage parlor and spa shootings in 2021.  By accessing nearby cameras, from residents and businesses, the Atlanta Police investigators were able to quickly identify and track the suspect and his vehicle.

Allowing police access to cameras focused on lanes and streets would be a tremendous investigative asset.  Offenders might think twice before ruining property with graffiti, stealing packages, breaking into vehicles, or stealing them.

Currently, over 9,000 cameras owned by businesses and residents in Savannah are registered. While the DNA believes this system would be of great benefit to the SPD, it is solely the camera owner's decision to register or not, as well as what permissions to provide to the SPD.

Questions or concerns should be directed to 

Corporal Joshua Flynn:

Sabrina Nagel 

Public Safety Chair

Downtown Neighborhood Association   

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