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Public Safety Update - October 27, 2023

We recently received this update from the Captain of our Precinct:

Our precinct is seeing an increase in Auto Thefts and Entering Autos.

In many of these cases, vehicles are left unlocked with valuables in plain sight, keys to the vehicle left inside, and the most concerning issue is guns being left in unsecured vehicles.

Please help us spread the word with the following tips:

  • Lock all doors, and double-check that they are locked.

  • Do not leave bags, purses, or wallets visible inside the vehicle.

  • Remove all valuables from the vehicle, even from the trunk.


  • Close all windows and sunroof.

  • Park in well-lit areas whenever possible.

  • Secure any loose change.

  • Do not leave the car keys or house keys inside the vehicle.

  • Remove electronics from the vehicle. Do not leave chargers plugged in.

Additionally, we had two separate shootings this week with both occurring after midnight. One of the victims was killed and the case is under investigation. This shooting occurred at Whitaker and Congress St. The second shooting at Bay St and Montgomery resulted in a suspect being arrested.

Sabrina Nagel

Chair of Public Safety

Downtown Neighborhood Association

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